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To Accept, or to Reject? Knowing when you should accept a job – even if it isn’t your dream position

In these current times where unemployment rates are high and job security is low, many people would think you’d be foolish to turn down a job offer. But what if you feel the job isn’t quite right for you? And what if the job seems right, but the offer isn’t exactly what you’re looking for—should you accept it anyway?

Your decision may depend on your personal circumstances or employment status. If you’re unemployed, you may be able to overlook certain factors that you wouldn’t accept if you were simply trying to change jobs. Financial stress may be your major motivator.

Also, if you’re not working, you may be feeling frustrated, depressed, bored and worried. However, many jobseekers might be feeling that way in your current job. Taking a temporary job assignment with Synerfac can put you back in the game both mentally and physically. To put it in strategic terms, you might improve your personal value proposition by accepting a new position. In other words, having this new job and gaining new work experience may make you more attractive to employers in the future. So when you do find your target job—even your dream job—you’ll be operating from a position of strength.

There is no right answer that applies to everyone all the time when deciding to accept a new position. You’ll have to make a decision based on your situation and on the job. In a perfect world, money could be secondary in career decisions, but if you’re unemployed and feeling financial pressure, it may be first. Even so, carefully assess the pros and cons of each job opportunity before you ultimately choose to accept or reject an offer.

If you are waiting for a job offer to be extended to you, consider taking a temporary assignment in the meantime. There are many job opportunities and positions available as a temporary job. Temporary positions are also a great way for a job seeker to gain experience in a market and add skills to their resume. To find the ideal temporary position, consider working with recruiting firm such as Synerfac to be placed in top temporary jobs.

Still can’t decide whether you should take the job? Looking for expert career guidance? Contact Synerfac today. We know how to find work that will complement your skills while providing professional and financial rewards.