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Why You Should Consider a Seasonal Job

Being unemployed or underemployed around the holidays doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You’re in a unique position to take advantage of employers who need holiday help. You may be able to get your foot in the door at a company that doesn’t seem to be hiring full time.

You may think that only retailers hire seasonal help, but in reality there are opportunities across all industries. Regular employees go on vacation, projects must be completed before the end of the year or deadlines must be met, and employers find themselves looking for outside assistance.

How can this help you?

Again, taking a temporary job during the holidays can help you get yourself in front of a top employer. Use this opportunity to prove your value as an employee: show up on time, dedicate yourself to your work and demonstrate a positive attitude. Research has shown that up to 30 percent of employers often transition some seasonal workers into full-time, permanent staff.

If it doesn’t interfere with your work performance, try to make a personal connection with as many employees and managers as possible. Then connect with them on LinkedIn, or ask if they will keep you in mind for any future opportunities that may come up (either temporary or permanent). Even if a seasonal position doesn’t turn into a permanent job, they’re a great way to expand your professional network and connections.

Finally, even if you don’t end up with full time employment, you’ll have a little more cash on hand during the holidays—and can’t everyone use that?

How can you make this happen?

You can keep your eye on your Twitter feed or other news outlets, or ask your employed friends if their companies are hiring extra help for the season. Or, you can work with a staffing agency like Synerfac. Contact us any time to find out which of our clients need extra help this holiday season—but don’t delay!—and we can talk to you about your skills and experience to find the right placement for you. Full time employment, more skills, more money—what are you waiting for?