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Getting the Most Out of Your Partnership with Your Staffing Firm

The whole idea behind working with a staffing company is to make your work life easier, but it’s important that you take the time to lay the groundwork. If you rarely communicate with your staffing firm of choice, if you only talk to them when you’re in a pinch, or if you don’t communicate your needs clearly and regularly, the relationship won’t work.

How can you get the best results from working with your staffing firm?

Step One: Ensure that you communicate regularly.  From the get-go, make sure that you have a direct line of contact at the firm, one person who you can always talk to if there is a problem.

Step Two: Define the roles you want the staffing firm to play within your organization. If everyone knows from the get-go what is expected, this will keep everyone on task and performing at the levels you expect. For example, if the firm is expected to screen and source candidates for you, then present a certain number to you for interviews, make sure that is clear. If you want the firm to advertise your positions, negotiate salaries or perform background checks, establish that up front.

Step Three: Discuss the role of the firm with your current staff so that they understand the staffing firm is not replacing them. Make sure there is no overlap of responsibilities, or any gaps.

Another important communication issue? Feedback. After you’ve interviewed a candidate from a staffing company, let them know your thoughts within 24 hours.  Prompt feedback will keep the staffing company fully engaged in the recruiting process because it indicates you’re ready to hire when the right candidate is presented. And even the best recruiters need some help fine-tuning their searches. You’ll also want to give feedback after you’ve worked with an employee the firm has sent over. They need to know whether the person was the right fit for the role and is doing a good job.

Working with a staffing firm can reap huge rewards for your company. If you view the relationship as a partnership – a strategic partnership – you will experience positive, mutually beneficial results.  If you’d like to know more about how Synerfac can help you keep your hiring flexible and your costs down, contact us anytime!