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Guess What? Your Biggest Obstacle to Getting a Job Might Be You!

Hiring in the IT sector, both full-time and contract, is still hot. So you should have no problem finding a job, right? While there’s fierce competition for these openings, if you consistently get no response when you’re applying, it may be time to ask yourself: Are you getting in your own way? Could you be holding yourself back?

Here are some things to consider—and be honest!—before you keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

Your Resume

Have you bothered to make it as strong as you can? Human resource managers and recruiters will tell you, 85-90% of the resumes they receive are awful. Just because you’re in a hot industry doesn’t mean you can just slack off on your resume. Read a “how-to” resume writing book or hire someone to write it for you, but make sure it is well-written and attractively formatted, and above all, sells your worth as a candidate.

Do You Know How Job Screening Works?

The name of the game these days? Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS. These automated programs are often responsible for the first round of screening. If a computer can’t match your skills with the job requirements, you may never get to talk to a real human being about the job.

Are You Honest About Yourself? 

Are you shooting too high? There’s nothing wrong with being confident, but consistently going after jobs you aren’t qualified for is unreasonable. On the other hand, are you selling yourself too short? You may want to avoid being labeled “overqualified,” but dumbing down your resume isn’t the answer. Your best route to job search success is to devote your efforts and activities to positions that most closely match your skills and experience

Are You Using a Network?

You’ve heard this before. You need to make connections, especially at your target companies. Many job offers result from personal connections.

Are You Up to Date?

Have you been keeping up with your professional development? Are you learning new on-the-job skills? What are you doing to keep yourself updated and relevant?

If you aren’t making any of these mistakes but are still having trouble finding a job, it might be time to call the IT hiring experts at Synerfac. We work with top clients to fill jobs that may not even be advertised. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time work in the IT sector, we can help!