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Are You Ready for Your Year-End Review? Do a Self Evaluation Now

Is your year-end review coming up? When it’s time, don’t just sit there! Get yourself ready to take an active role in the process by doing a self evaluation.

It’s time to play 20 questions!

Here are five key areas that can help you evaluate how well you’re doing at work. Are you likely to be promoted, fired or kept at the same level for the near future?

Score each question on a scale of 1-10, where 10 = awesome. Be honest with yourself! Then add up your total score in each category. If you score below 30 points in any category, you’ll want to show your boss what steps you plan to take to fix these gaps.

Category One: Job Mastery

Rate yourself on how well you:

  1. Exhibit expertise of the particular knowledge and skills that make you a unique and valuable employee
  2. Find opportunities for continuing education and other ways to update your knowledge and skills
  3. Understand the metrics by which you’re evaluated and how your department is judged, and work to excel at those measured behaviors
  4. Manage your tasks and actions to contribute to the performance outcomes set for your department

Category Two: Communication with Management

Score yourself on how well you:

  1. Understand your boss’ top priorities and whether you approach your work with them in mind
  2. Know which matters more to your boss: people, projects or principles
  3. Appreciate your boss’ sense of balancing the need to a) gather information and b) take action
  4. Show that you understand and support your superiors’ professional aspirations

Category Three: Building Relationships with Colleagues and Peers

Rate yourself on how well you:

  1. Seek to create significant, lasting connections with everyone in your company
  2. Communicate and use all opportunities to strengthen your ties throughout the organization
  3. Appropriately compete and collaborate with your peers
  4. Communicate your desire to help others as well as a willingness to be assisted by them

Category Four: Cultural sensitivity, beliefs and belonging

Score yourself on how much you:

  1. Recognize the formal and informal reporting lines in your company
  2. Like your company’s overall approach to business, people and the marketplace
  3. Believe that you can contribute to the larger goals and vision of your organization
  4. Recognize that opportunities exist for you to grow within your company

Category Five: Judgment and resourcefulness

Do you:

  1. Imagine you could step up and fill in for your boss or another superior, if needed?
  2. Seek opportunities to be increasingly effective and efficient with the tools and workspace you’re given?
  3. Build relationships outside of the company that can be leveraged for its benefit?
  4. Relate to people who have the capacity to mentor you?

How did you score? Do you have work to do before your review? Or can you go in and prove your worth to your boss?

Whatever you decide, if you’re seeking career advice or a new path, contact the IT staffing experts at Synerfac. We’re experts at helping people find jobs where they can be successful.