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Bowing Out Gracefully – How To Leave A Job On Good Terms

When you decide to leave a job, you want to leave on good terms if possible. After all, you never know when you’ll need a reference, a referral, or the professional opinion of a former colleague. You also never know if you might run into these people again somewhere down the line in your career.

The first thing you should do to ensure as much good will as possible is offer two weeks’ notice. This at least gives your employer time to start the process of replacing you. And if there is someone internal to the company that can take your place, it will even give you time to start training your replacement.

Second, don’t slack off! If you’ve been a valued employee who has done a good job, your departure will create some concern. So during your two weeks, work the hardest that you have ever worked at this job. This is not the time to chill out, take three-hour lunches, and blow off tasks. You may think, “Who cares? I already quit,” but don’t forget your reputation. You don’t want to leave your team, colleagues, and clients with a negative impression.

Third, create good will. Do everything you can to make the transition better for someone else, whether it’s your replacement, another member of your team, or your boss.  Don’t leave them to clean up your figurative mess.

Fourth, be thoughtful. Consider every possible thing that your colleagues may need after you’re gone. Contact information. Stored files. Your history on a project. Think ahead to where your input may be important in the future and make your colleagues aware.

Fifth, show your gratitude when it’s time to go. Make sure you thank the right people for what you have learned and the experience you have gained.

And finally, stay in touch. You might be called on to answer the mystery that your colleagues are trying to solve. At the very least, if you’ve done everything else right in the weeks before you left, your colleagues will be happy to hear from you.

There’s a lot of mobility in the technical field, and if you have the right talents and skills, you might find yourself coming and going from a variety of jobs throughout your career. Always leave a good impression. And if you’re ready to move on to your next job opportunity, give the staffing experts at Synerfac at shout!