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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Job Seeker

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Common resolutions for people include losing weight, exercising more, or trying to be a better person. But if you’re looking for a job, you should consider making a resolution for 2013 to be “the year that I find my dream job.”

Trying to find a new job in the new year isn’t so overwhelming if you take it  step by step. Here are seven steps you can take to find your ideal position in 2013!

  1. Know What You Want to Do.  Your goal isn’t just “to get a job.” Your goal is to find a job that will put you on the career path you want to be on. Take some time to focus on exactly what you want out of your career. What are your goals and aspirations?  Resolve not to settle for any job, and you’ll avoid taking the wrong job.
  2. Keep Up the Networking. Make this the year you really work on building your circle of acquaintances. Network in person and on social media. Send out emails to your contacts to see how they’re doing and where they are—which will also remind them of who you are.
  3. Create Your Elevator Pitch. As an important part of networking, learn how to introduce—and sell—yourself in 25 words or less. This will also be important in interviews, whether face to face or through video, when an interviewer says “Tell me a little about yourself.”
  4. Get Visual. Ever heard of Pinterest? Instagram? Tumblr? The new obsession is visual media, so bring that element into your job search. Think about an infographic resume, make sure your social media profile pictures are professional, and maybe try recording a video resume to show off your communication skills (if you have them!).
  5. Establish a Social Media Plan. You’ve heard it before—because it’s true. Having a professional social media presence is crucial to your job search. Social media isn’t a magic bullet that will land you a job with no effort, but you should do some research: Find groups you should join, discussions you can participate in or Twitter chats to monitor.
  6. Get Smart(er). If you’re out of work, this can be a great time to take classes or gain new certifications. You have the time to do it and any new skills or training you gain will make you more attractive to potential employers and even open new career paths.
  7. Stay—or Get—Physical. Searching for a job is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Don’t spend all day sitting in front of the computer. Get out and move. Staying physically fit will help give you energy for the job search, lower your stress level and raise the confidence you exude to an employer. Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day doing some kind of exercise.

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