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Ghost Jobs Exist! How to Uncover – And Avoid – Them

It’s frustrating enough to be unemployed, and during the job search few things are more frustrating than applying for a job that seems perfect for you and not getting a response. To make matters worse, you might see the job listed over and over again on the job boards, day after day, week after week, and wonder why you never heard back.

Could it be a ghost job?

Maybe you really are perfect candidate for that job. But there’s a strong possibility the posting was for a “ghost job,” a job that doesn’t actually exist. Why do companies waste the time and money to post jobs that don’t exist? Most likely, they are using up a block of postings that they purchased from the job board, with no real interest in filling the position. They may also be trying to project an image of constant, healthy growth and keep their name in people’s minds. It’s also possible that they’re just trying to get a number of resumes on file, especially if it’s a job with high turnover, and you may eventually get a call… but don’t hold your breath while you wait.

Unless you know someone who works for the company and can say for sure that the opening is available, it’s hard to tell. You can try to do an Internet search on the company, to see if other job seekers have been burnt by the company’s habit of using ghost job postings.

How to Avoid Ghost Jobs

It can be hard to avoid being taken in by ghost jobs if you’re using online job boards. But it’s not impossible, however.
The best way to avoid them is to work with a recruiting professional. Reputable staffing agencies in your area will be familiar with the businesses in it and will know when there are truly job openings at various companies. Also, they work directly with companies, so when they send your resume to a client, you can rest assured that the job really exists.

Working with an established recruiting firm can help you avoid “ghost jobs” and get you working as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can help you find your next great job!