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Short-Order Job Interview Prep

You have a job interview? Congratulations! If you’re not working with a staffing firm that has coached you on interviewing, hopefully you’ve done your homework on the company and on common interview styles and questions. And you’ve probably picked out an interview outfit and made sure it’s clean and neat, right? But are you physically and mentally ready?

Here are four ways to prepare yourself so you’ll be ready—and steady—at your next interview:

  1. Start gearing up the night before. Avoid drinking caffeine late in the day so you don’t risk insomnia. Common sense also dictates avoiding alcohol and any foods that are bound to upset your stomach or otherwise keep you up at night.
  1. Fuel up—properly! Think of your interview as an athletic event, and like a professional athlete, start fueling up the day before. Dinner should be something light and easily digestible, and breakfast should be something that you usually eat, that won’t make you sluggish or bloated. And be sure to eat at home, not on the run, so you’ll have time to brush your teeth!
  1. Create a positive mindset. To perform well, you need to psyche yourself up—again, just like an athlete would before an important competition. The night before an interview, don’t do anything or see anyone who puts you in a negative mood, if at all possible. Avoid stressful situations and concentrate on feeling capable and good about yourself.
  1. Find something that centers you. Not to sound too warm and fuzzy, but be sure you have a way to relax and focus while you’re waiting, instead of letting your nerves take over. You can create a “calm trigger” that will help this process, like reading a motivational quote that inspires you (bring it with you!). Or bring a picture of your family, significant other, or even your pet.  That photo can help remind you that not only is there more to life than this interview, but that today could lead to something positive for you and them, which can encourage you to do your best.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about your interview preparation, or if you’re not getting selected for interviews at all, don’t hesitate to call the hiring experts at Synerfac. We’d be happy to help you find your next great opportunity in the industry!