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Deciphering a Company’s True Hiring Need from a Job Description

Looking for a new job can be frustrating and stressful. Networking doesn’t always work, so sometimes you have to hit the Internet to see what’s out there. Don’t waste your valuable time on useless job postings! Here’s how to analyze the five types you’ll see:

1. Legitimate ads posted by the company hiring for the (direct-hire) job

This type of ad, obviously the best kind, contains the name of the company. If you find a position on a job board and it takes you directly to the careers section of the company’s website, it’s probably a legitimate direct-hire position.

Most companies only post true openings on their own websites. And if you know what companies you want to work for, you can check their websites regularly for jobs as they become available.

2. Possibly legitimate ads posted by placement agencies or career consultants

How do you know if someone from an agency or a consultant posted a job? Check the fine print at the bottom—it should be there. And is this a bad thing? Not necessarily.

Just make sure to research the agency to see if they’re the kind of firm you want to work with, if that’s the route you’re willing to take (remember, agencies can lead you to great opportunities you may not have come across otherwise, so don’t automatically dismiss the idea).

3. Outright scam ads

If you ever see a job ad that has a little dollar sign next to it, it means the job “may require an investment on your part.” It also means the job is a scam.

Any “job” that requires you to pay money is a scam. Legitimate career consultants do not ask for upfront payments. Period.

4. Ads for jobs with no regular salary.

Look for the phrases “non salaried” and “commission only.” They mean the position doesn’t offer a base salary; your income will depend on commissions from sales.

If you don’t need the security of a regular paycheck, and you know you can make a good living with this salary structure, go ahead and apply. Just go into the situation with your eyes open.

5. Ads for temporary or contract jobs

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t tell whether a job is temporary by reading the ad. You might need to apply first to find out, or you can try to get in touch with the company or agency to verify whether the job is permanent, if that’s the only type of job you want. Just remember that a temp or contract position can lead to full-time employment.

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