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Five Easy Ways to Show Enthusiasm in a Job Interview

Part of putting your best foot forward at a job interview is showing that you’re passionate about the opportunity. But what if you tend to be more introverted and quiet? What if it’s not in your nature to be animated or expressive? Here’s how you can show that you’re really interested in the job:

  • Show Natural Energy – Don’t be jittery, just be at your physical best for the interview. Get plenty of rest so you don’t seem sleepy or unfocused. If you drink coffee, have a little beforehand, but not too much. You want it to give you an edge, not make you edgy.
  • Offer Strong Non-Verbal Communication – Walk into the interview with purpose and offer your interviewer a firm handshake. Make eye contact and deliver a confident smile. This is not the time to slouch or mutter! During the interview, sit up straight or lean forward, maintain eye contact and occasionally nod your head to show agreement or positive encouragement.
  • Be a Storyteller – Don’t just sit there using clichés like “I’m a team player.” Instead, share a story that demonstrates how you worked well with a team to reach a goal successfully. And if you can tell stories about moments in your career that you were proud of or excited by, your passion will show.
  • Tie It All Together – When it’s your turn to ask questions, ask open-ended questions about the company and the challenges they’re facing. This shows that you’re thinking about you can help solve those challenges—and also gives the interviewer a chance to open up. And you may get a chance to share your ideas and give examples of how you solved similar problems at previous jobs using your expertise.
  • Don’t Forget to Follow Up – After your interview, send a note to everyone who met with you. Not everyone does so, which will give you an edge. And it gives you the chance to express your enthusiasm for the job on paper—or at least, a computer screen.

Employers today are seeking not just capable employees who show up, but people who bring enthusiasm and energy to their work. Not all of us are natural extroverts, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be expressing strong interest and even passion toward the job and toward yourself as a candidate.

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