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Should You Withdraw Your Application? Five Warning Signs That Say Yes

If you’ve been unemployed for a long time or dislike your current job, it’ll be tempting to take any job offer that comes along. But accepting the wrong job can be worse—so don’t ignore any red flags!  Here are five signs that you should just say no to a possible job.

1. You are not treated professionally.

Think about your experience during the hiring process. Were you treated with courtesy and respect? Or did emails and phone calls consistently go unreturned?  When you asked questions about the hiring timeline or checked in about your application status, did you receive clear, prompt answers? Once you’ve interviewed with a hiring manager or recruiter, you should expect to be treated with courtesy and respect—as a professional. If you aren’t, look elsewhere.

2. The work environment seems unhappy.

Before accepting any job, pay a visit to where you’ll be working. Observe the attitudes and interactions of the workers there as well as the overall environment. Warning signs include dirty or unsafe-looking workspaces, multiple posters with negative messages or discontented faces on employees. If a short visit to the office leaves you feeling depressed, you won’t want to work there for several hours a day.

3. The company has a bad reputation.

Get on the Internet and check out what former and current employees have to say about the company. One complaint from one disgruntled former employee doesn’t mean much, but if you find several negative comments from different people, you’re going to want to pay attention. Look into the company’s financial situation, also.

4. You don’t feel you’ll fit in with your potential boss and colleagues.

This is a tough one—you might feel foolish turning down a job for this reason. But if you don’t click with your boss or the rest of your team, your chances for on-the-job happiness are slim. Be sure to discuss work styles and communication styles with your interviewer to try and see if they’re compatible with yours. And trust your instincts. If you dislike the manager after the first interview or two, think twice about taking the job.

5. You’re getting mixed messages about the job’s duties.

After you’ve interviewed with one or two people, you should have a clear idea of a) exactly what you will be expected to do, b) how your job performance will be measured and c) what your key objectives will be in your first few months on the job. If different people give you different answers about job duties, or if they can’t define your goals, you could be walking into a disastrous job situation.

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