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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Costing You Jobs?

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Have you used the word “responsible”? Do you describe yourself as strategic or creative?

You’re not alone. Which is a problem. Millions of other people use the same exact words on their LinkedIn profiles, according to the site itself. The most overused buzzword of 2013 was “responsible,” which was used twice as often as the number two buzzword, “strategic.”

Using these words on your resume or online profile aren’t going to help you land a job—they actually may be harming your chances. So how can you stand out and create a more effective profile?

First, eliminate the top 10 overused words (see the full list below)! For example, you can easily rid your profile of the word “responsible” by using active verbs. Instead of saying what you are responsible for, say what you do.

Make it a challenge to differentiate yourself by providing unique examples of how you have been successful. Use words that relate to your actual results and demonstrate your competence. You can always consult a thesaurus; just make sure you’re using your substituted words correctly.

Check out companies that are leaders in your industry or that you’re interested in working with.  What words are they using to describe the types of candidates they’re looking for? What skills do their top executives demonstrate in their profiles?

Or, use fewer words! You can now illustrate your career accomplishments with concrete examples of your work like photos, videos and presentations to your profile. You can also use numbers: use hard data numbers to quantify your effectiveness.

One more way you can punch up your profile and make it more compelling is to ask others for recommendations or endorsements from people who can actually verify your talents.

If any of the top 10 words turn up on your profile, especially more than once, it’s time for a LinkedIn makeover. And if you’re still not finding the job of your dreams, contact Synerfac. We’d love to help you kick off the new year with a great new job!

Here’s the full list of the most overused LinkedIn profile buzzwords of 2013:

1. Responsible

2. Strategic

3. Creative

4. Effective

5. Patient

6. Expert

7. Organizational

8. Driven

9. Innovative

10. Analytical