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Is Your Staffing Provider Mobile Friendly? If Not, You Could Be Missing Out on Great Candidates

Have you even stopped to consider whether your staffing agency’s website is mobile friendly?  If it’s not, they—and therefore you—are missing out on many potential applicants.

  • First of all, thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, candidates can search for jobs anywhere, anytime. Job seekers can set up email alerts on mobile devices, see job postings in real time, and apply on the spot. In addition, those who are currently employed can browse jobs on their lunch breaks or commutes, using a non-corporate network.
  • Second, recent college graduates are so used to mobile devices that they’re practically second nature. They’re most apt to search for new opportunities in the palm of their hand, not sitting at a desktop.
  • Finally, information technology candidates are most likely to hunt for new jobs via mobile web. A website that won’t load on a smartphone is a huge red flag for someone from either of these groups.

If your staffing partner’s job board isn’t optimized for search engines or mobile devices, you could miss out on qualified candidates. Not only could they fail to see your listing at all, they may become frustrated by the non-mobile-friendly job board and decide the laborious effort needed to apply isn’t worth it.

So, when you partner with a staffing firm, you want to make sure that they’re in tune with the growing popularity of the mobile web and have a website that’s configured specifically for smaller screens.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask your existing staffing firm—or a new one, if your current provider isn’t keeping up with technology:

  • Is their job board optimized for mobile traffic?
  • Is the mobile version of their job board easy-to-read on a smartphone?
  • Does it offer the ability for candidates to quickly and easily apply from their phone?
  • Are individual job listings optimized for search engines?

Smartphones and tablets have made just about everything more convenient—and consumer-oriented. When users can do their banking, shopping, and emailing from their phones, it’s a natural extension to start transferring other typical computer activities to mobile devices.  So having a mobile-friendly website that is optimized for job seekers is essential in today’s hiring environment.

Want to discuss this further? Contact the IT hiring professionals at Synerfac—we’d be glad to answer any questions for you—or visit our mobile-friendly website at www.synerfac.com.