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Basic Rules of Happy Employees (That You May be Overlooking)

Why should you care if your employees are happy?

Because it’s been proven that happy employees usually perform better than others. Because happiness actually releases enzymes into the human body that deliver energy, clarity and motivation. So it stands to reason that workplace performance will be improved when employees are happy—content, satisfied and challenged.

Research has also shown that happier workers help their colleagues 33% more often than unhappy ones, achieve their goals 31% more often, and are 36% more motivated in their work.

So how can you make sure your employees are happy and bringing these powerful benefits to your workplace? Here are five strategies to help you build a happier workforce:

1. Offer Meaning and Purpose

It may sound touchy-feely, but people like to feel as if they belong to something bigger than themselves. For many employees, work gains meaning when they know it’s aligned with the company goals and mission. And researchers at the University of Alberta found that companies who communicated the meaning and purpose in their work to employees experienced a 60% drop in absenteeism and a 75% reduction in turnover.

2. Provide Opportunities for Personal Development and Success

According to recent research by the Society for Human Resource Management, growth and professional development are among the top requirements of job seekers in the United States. Employees need to feel like they’re progressing toward a goal and like they’re being supported and supporting others.

3. Encourage Recognition

Not only are employees who are recognized for their accomplishments happier and more motivated to succeed, but employees who are encouraged to give recognition and reward benefit as much from it as their colleagues. Giving people the opportunity to express gratitude is good for their health, productivity and happiness at work.

4. Create Balance Through Flexibility

Work-life balance has been a buzz phrase for years because it is crucial to employee happiness. Research by Georgetown University and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation confirms the importance of employer flexibility in driving worker happiness, with 90% of employees saying it eases the burden of balancing work with life and 80% of employees saying they would be happier with more flexible work options.

5. Create a Culture of Trust

Your employees need to trust their leadership and one another. And that trust should be a two-way street. Maintain open communication within your organization, help employees to understand the big picture, and be sure that management is honest and accountable for decisions.

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