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Positive Psychology: Your Edge in Landing a Great Job

Whether you’ve been out of work for awhile or want to leave your current job but aren’t having much luck, you know it can be hard to stay positive. But experts say 80% of a job search is psychological–if you have positive views of yourself and your future, you’ll more likely to be attractive to employers. If you’re always feeling negative and down, you’ll probably get lackluster results.

How can you stay positive in the face of a daunting job search?  Try these seven daily habits:

  1. Take 15. Every morning when you wake up, instead of letting your thoughts turn to desperation, worry or even your to-do list, take fifteen minutes to meditate or listen to some calming music.
  2. Create an image and live it. If you’re not working, don’t sit around all day in sweats or your pajamas. Get up, get dressed and treat the job search like it’s your job (which it is!). If you’re looking for a new job, dress for it! Picture yourself as a success in your new position and try to look the part.
  3. Fake it until you make it. Whether you’re walking out the door to your current job or revving up to find a new one, let yourself feel what it would be like to land that great job. Let yourself experience that relief and satisfaction. Send your body some good vibes!
  4. Write down your positives. Make a list of your top five qualities that make you a good employee, and your top three career successes. Put this list where you can easily see it. Whenever you need a boost, or at least once a day, read it to remind yourself of your attributes that have enabled you to be successful in the past, and of the times you used your knowledge, skills, and abilities to do a great job.
  5. Treat yourself. After completing a difficult aspect of the job search—cold calling, going to a networking event–reward yourself. Go to a movie or sporting event, buy a decadent coffee or some new makeup, or take yourself out to lunch at a new restaurant.
  6. Pat yourself on the back. At the end of every day, list three ways in which you made progress towards your goal that day.
  7. Develop an “attitude of gratitude.” Finally, spend a few minutes being thankful for your many gifts and anticipating only good things the next day.

This all may sound warm and fuzzy, but there is a proven power to positive thinking. It can make the difference in your job search. And if your job search is still not panning out, another positive move is to contact Synerfac and see what we can do for you!