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Why You Should Partner with a Specialist Recruiting Firm

Even with the improved economic climate, it takes the average jobseeker months to find a new position, so what can you do to strengthen your chances of finding one more quickly? If you work in a specialized role in a particular industry, partnering with a specialist recruitment agency within that industry can be the best career decision you can make.

Here are five reasons that working with a recruiter can be better than going it alone:

1. A specialized recruiter will have specialized knowledge of your industry.

Not only will a niche recruiter understand your lingo, how your particular job works and where your skills would be most suited for potential employment, she should also be able to give an accurate evaluation of where you can best use your experience and skills. She can also provide you with advice on how to remedy any gaps in your education or training.

2. A specialized recruiter will have strong relationships with industry leading businesses.

He’ll be able to ‘float’ your resume to your dream employer or others you want to work with, put you at the head of the line for certain companies’ positions, and even help you get placed a role that didn’t pre-exist. Sometimes he’ll have exclusive access to the best employers in your area.

3. Working with a specialized recruiter will reduce the number of times your references are contacted.

Instead of each individual company where you apply calling your references, which can become tiresome or time-consuming for those people, your recruiter can call once, then provide the same referral details to each of the prospective employers she puts you in touch with.

4. A specialized recruiter can offer you salary advice.

When you work with a recruiter who works exclusively in your industry, they’ll

have an in-depth knowledge of the salary range you can expect from new roles. They can help you handle salary negotiations when it comes to a job offer, and they can provide advice on what you need to do if you’re seeking a higher wage.

5. Specialized recruiters are in the know.

Because niche recruiters are in constant contact with employers in your industry, they’ll probably be the first to know if your dream job opens up—and you can be the second one to find out! A good specialized recruiter keeps his ear to the ground and will regularly find out well in advance about open positions before they are advertised.

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