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Moving Up! How To Apply for Higher Positions in Your Company

Are you thinking of looking for a new job? Have you thought about checking into opportunities at your current company first? Whether you’re interested in switching to a different role, shifting your career focus, working for a new department or just looking for a new challenge, if you like your current employer this could be just the ticket. Applying for a better job within your current company comes with a unique set of issues, though. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Research the position. First things first: do you meet the minimum requirements? You may have been with your company for five years but this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll automatically be hired for a different position. Figure out whether your skills can be transferred to the new position or if your company will offer professional development for the skills you’ll need in the new position. If you’re qualified already, throw your hat in the ring. If you’re not, see if there is a different opening in the same department that would be more suitable for you.
  • Research the new department or team. A new position could meana complete change in scenery as well as an all-new set of coworkers. Do you know the new job’s supervisor? Do you know anyone on the team? If you have doubts about your ability to fit in with these people, think twice about switching. More money is nice, but dreading going to work every day is not.
  • Assess your ability to take on more responsibility. Will this new job require you to be in the office more often, or for longer periods? Will you have to supervise others? Are these changes you’re willing to make?
  • Question your own motives. Ask yourself: why do you want to change jobs? What you are hoping to gain from this future opportunity? Do you want to become an executive or just make more money? Is it more challenges you’re seeking, or less stress? Make sure you know why you want the new job, because you’re sure to be asked.
  • Follow the rules. Ask the HR department what the protocol is for internal transfers and promotions. You may have to be an employee for a certain length of time before you can apply for another job, or they might have position grades or levels that you have to follow.
  • Leverage your knowledge. The beauty of being an internal candidate is that you already know the company’s philosophy, mission, procedures and processes. This can help you pitch yourself as a more suitable candidate than any external applicant. In your cover letter—yes, you should write one—stress these facts along with your commitment to the organization.

If working at the same company isn’t the change you had in mind, check out our technical and engineering job openings at Synerfac, or call us anytime you want to discuss taking your career in a new direction!