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Summer Staffing Woes (And How to Overcome Them!)

Have you ever found it hard to keep your company or department running at full capacity during the summer? Between employees, clients, vendors and vendors’ employees going on vacation, more businesses keeping summer hours and the general summertime slowdown, it can be tough to stay on deadline and working toward your third quarter goals. So how can you keep things moving?

Planning out vacations: Obviously you have no effect on the vacation schedules of your vendors or clients. But you can control your own organization’s absences through careful scheduling and having backup plans. Make sure multiple employees don’t take off at the same time, and if there are crucial times when you can’t do without key employees, let them know that vacation time will not be granted for then. And if there are months or weeks that are particularly slow, encourage employees to take off then,

Allowing telecommuting: Take advantage of technology to help those employees who remain at work and will likely have more responsibilities and maybe longer hours. Giving them the technology to stay connected, whether by smartphone or laptop, could also mean employees might answer an email or respond to emergency situations while they’re away.

Building relationships with local colleges: College students are looking for short-term opportunities in the summertime to get work experience. Some are even willing to work for school credit rather than pay. Decide which positions can be filled by interns, and then contact the career counseling offices of local colleges.

Working with a staffing agency: You can work with a reputable, reliable staffing agency to fill in the gaps left by vacationing employees, and not just for administrative positions. Look into the best temp agencies in your town, and you might be surprised to find out what types of positions they can fill for you, from IT professionals to designers and engineers. And the beauty of working with an agency is that the person will only be on your staff for as long as you need them, whether that’s for a week or 2 days.

At Synerfac, we’re glad to make your summertime easier. We can ensure you’ll have the skilled people you need, when you need them. To learn more about our staffing services in Pittsburgh and beyond, contact us today!