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How to Follow Up After an Interview—The Right Way!

One of the hardest parts about interviewing for a new job is waiting to hear back from the interviewer. You want to show that you’re enthusiastic about the job and the opportunity, but you don’t want to be a pest and annoy the person you’re reaching out to. It’s a very fine line — so how can you draw it? Here’s how to show that you’re eager—but not desperate—after an interview.

Actually, you can lay the groundwork for yourself during the interview. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t tell you when you can expect to hear from them, ask! They should have an idea of when they expect to make a decision, whether about hiring you or asking you to come in for further questioning.

It’s critical to abide by that timeline. Don’t contact this company any sooner unless you have a very good reason, such as another job offer—and you really want to work for them—or if you have any truly new information that you think can help your case, such as finding out you won an important industry award.

Say the interviewer mentions that they expect to make a decision in a week. Then follow up within that week, and if they still don’t have an answer for you, tell them you’ll try again in another week—and do it. Show them you have follow-through.

And if the recruiter or interviewer suggests contacting them by email, don’t call on the phone, and vice versa. Respect what they’ve told you about how they wish to stay in touch.

Don’t forget to send a thank-you note after the interview, preferably within 24 hours (or by Monday if the interview was on a Friday). Whether you send it by email or snail mail, that note shows you have knowledge of the etiquette of the process. Keep it short and sweet, reiterate your interest in the job, hopefully review a positive point or two that came up during the interview, and close by telling them when you will contact them next (remembering to honor their timeline!).

What if you follow up appropriately and you still don’t hear anything? It’s frustrating, but companies can take months to make a decision, especially for higher-level jobs. If you’ve reached out twice and haven’t heard anything, it’s time to assume you didn’t get the job and move on.

Following up only takes a few minutes, but doing it right can make you stand out and can make the difference.

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