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Are You Asking Too Much? Tips for Salary Negotiations

You’ve gotten through the interview process and gotten a job offer. Now comes the hard part: salary negotiations. You know what you want to get paid, but are you being realistic? Here’s what you need to know and do before negotiating your compensation:

Do Your Homework!

Before you’ve gotten to this point, hopefully you’ve done a little research so you have some idea of what salary to expect. What is the typical salary for this position in your area? Salaries vary by geographic region. You won’t get a New York City salary if you’re working in a small city in Western New York. Take into consideration the local cost of living, the degree level and years of experience required, the size of the company and the supply of and demand for workers with your set of skills, all of which will influence salary averages.

Where can you find this information? Try:

  • Reading trade journals
  • Asking someone with a similar job in the field.
  • Googling the phrase “salary survey” and the title of the position.

Be Ready To Name Your Price

The recruiter or hiring manager may ask you point-blank what your salary requirements are. Make sure you have a figure in mind, but don’t give that exact figure right off the bat. Say something like, “Based on my experience and skills and the demands of the position, I feel I should earn an appropriate figure. I’m sure you have a range in mind.” You can also give a range in which the low-end figure is 10 percent above your current salary.

Don’t Underestimate—Or Overestimate— Your Worth

Remember, you have already passed the test. The hiring manager or recruiter thinks that you are the right person for the job, someone who could add value to that employer’s business. But to get top dollar, you have to prove that you are the top choice. Show them how much value you can bring by reminding them of your experience, your accomplishments and your work ethic. And remember, employers expect to negotiate. Whatever they’ve offered, they can probably go at least 10 percent higher. Don’t be afraid to counter-offer. And know the amounts for the lowest offer you’re willing to accept, the offer you think you deserve, and the offer you’d be thrilled with.

One way to know that you’re always getting paid a competitive salary for a job is by working with an experienced recruiting and staffing agency like Synerfac. We can help negotiate the best compensation for you on your behalf. Want to know more? Please give us a call!