How to Use Performance Reviews to Become a Better Manager

October 24th, 2014

Yes, it’s that time of year again—time to get ready to sit down with your employees and conduct those dreaded annual performance reviews. Do you feel like they’re a waste of time? Are they totally pointless, from your perspective? Here’s how to get more out of them—for both the employees and for yourself! You can… Read More

Comparing Job Offers? Here are 8 Things to Consider

October 17th, 2014

So you’ve gotten two or more job offers at the same time. Congratulations! If you’re really lucky, making the decision between the two will be easy—maybe one pays a lot more money, or will cut your commute in half, or is at your dream company. But if the two are fairly equal, including salary range,… Read More

The Secret to Dealing with a Hostile Interviewer

October 10th, 2014

As if job interviews weren’t nerve-wracking enough, you may find yourself in a situation where your interviewer is coming across as downright hostile. How can you maintain your composure and rise above the circumstances when your interviewer is aggressive, abrasive or dismissive? Here’s how to save the day without walking away:

How to Grow Through Turnover, Instead of Being Hindered By It

October 3rd, 2014

Experiencing high employee turnover can actually be good for your business—if you know how to take advantage of it. Don’t just sit back and let your employees leave, racking up hiring and training expenses. Learn from the experience and use it to help your company grow and become stronger. Here’s how: