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Comparing Job Offers? Here are 8 Things to Consider

So you’ve gotten two or more job offers at the same time. Congratulations! If you’re really lucky, making the decision between the two will be easy—maybe one pays a lot more money, or will cut your commute in half, or is at your dream company. But if the two are fairly equal, including salary range, here are eight things to consider when trying to decide which to choose.

  • How much paid time off will you get? This should include vacation time, sick days, personal days and holidays.
  • Does the company give bonuses? If so, find out exactly what has to happen for those bonuses to be received. How much do they depend on the company meeting its goals and how much do they depend on you meeting your goals?
  • What are the expected work hours? Some companies are strictly 9-5. Others expect you to stay longer. Know whether the potential company or department defines a normal work week as 40 hours or 60.
  • Will you be paid overtime if need be? In other words, would you be an exempt or non-exempt employee?
  • How would it affect your cost of living? If you’re planning to relocate for your new job, be sure you know the costs of housing, commuting, general living expenses and taxes. Federal taxes are the same wherever you go, but states, counties and cities all have separate taxes.
  • Would you get health insurance and if so, what type of coverage? You’ll want to know how much of the costs you’d be responsible for, plus details about deductibles, co-pays, limits, and your choices of doctors or hospitals. Would you be using an HMO or a PPO? Would you have dental and vision coverage? Ask to speak with the benefits coordinator at each company to go over the plans in detail.
  • Would you get retirement benefits? If so, find out whether their options are compatible with your financial goals. For example, find out the limitations for each year, whether your employer will match your contributions for retirement, and at what level.
  • What employee perks can you expect? No, not all companies can emulate those Fortune 500 organizations that offer free gym access, on-site child care, haircuts, and lunches. But many employers do acknowledge employees’ hard work by offering less-exclusive incentives.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re ready to make a job switch or are about to start a new job. We hope answering these questions can help you decide! And if you have more questions about how to find great job opportunities, call the team at Synerfac!