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Are You Leaving Basic Skills Off Your Resume?

Your resume presents a snapshot of your best skills. As a result, most resume advice recommends keeping it short – no more than one page. Job-seekers who try to follow this advice often omit basic or “beginner” skills from their resumes, assuming that hiring managers will infer from their advanced skills that they have the basics down pat.

In fact, listing your “basic” skills on your resume can be as important as listing more advanced ones. Here’s why:

“Soft skills” are never basic.

“Soft” skills are the transferable skills that apply in any job setting. They include skills like communication, time management, teamwork, and organization.

These skills are not “basic.” They are fundamental: fundamental to success in any job. They’re also the skills you can hone in any job setting or even when you’re between jobs, in volunteer positions or in the classroom. As a result, they can be your strongest “selling points” when you’re looking for a job that requires them. Instead of omitting your soft skills, showcase them.

The best managers know the basics.

The most effective managers are effective because they know exactly what their team needs to accomplish – and they know what their team needs to accomplish because they have done the same work themselves. Whether you’re applying for a management position or want to work your way up to one, list the skills your team members will need. By listing them yourself, you demonstrate that you know what your staff must do, and that you can help ensure they do it.

Software proficiency still matters.

Proficiency in the software suites most often used in your field demonstrates that you understand the basics of completing tasks in the position to which you’re applying, and that you can learn new ones. If you don’t know what software is most commonly used in your field, find out and take a class to get up to speed. If you’re proficient in only one type of software, learn another. Your software proficiency takes up only a single line on your resume, but it can mean the difference between an interview offer and radio silence.

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