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6 Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms have been supporting the successes of many organizations for a long time. When a business is in a period of growth, or is in need of specialized talent, there really is no better way than to partner with a local staffing firm in Tysons Corner VA.

For many companies, there is a sole HR professional or a very limited team trying to manage it all. Basically, staffing firms behave as an extension of an existing human resource department, providing the expert recruitment services that you either don’t have the time or the tools to manage alone. Even if the company has the benefit of a larger team, oftentimes the local staffing firm can reduce the workload associated with recruiting the best talent – so that the company can focus on other critical areas of human capital management.

Either way, working with a reputable and local staffing firm in your industry is the way to go. Not 100 percent convinced yet? Find out 6 ways that a Tysons Corner VA

staffing agency can benefit your organization here.

#1 – Improve the Quality of Hire

One of the very first benefits to take note of when partnered with a staffing firm is the overall quality of the hires themselves. All candidates are carefully screened and their skills and personality are tested so that they are the right fit for your company. Before you invest in a recruitment strategy, consider how a good match for your business helps you meet important objectives vs. a poor hire.

#2 – Reduce Costs of Recruitment

Experts estimate that it can cost around half a year’s salary to replace or hire just one good employee. Now, imagine the costs if you have to hire for a certain job type or a large number of employees at one? Much of these costs are for administrative purposes, like placing job adverts, checking backgrounds and interviewing candidates. Why not let the recruitment agency take care of these aspects so you just have to meet suitable candidates?

#3 – Save Precious Time

While we are talking about saving money, lets also talk about the benefit of saving time by partnering with a staffing firm. Because candidates are pre-screened, evaluated, tested, and backgrounds cleared, you have a lot less to worry about in terms of recruitment tasks. In fact, time to placement is a lot faster, which means the candidate gets to work for your business sooner.

#4 – Get More from Investment

It takes a lot to invest in a recruiting campaign, and one of the things that staffing firms do that benefit organizations is to streamline this process. This helps to get more from the budget allocated for this purpose.

#5 – Access On-demand Staff

There are many times when a core team of local talent is needed to complete a short-term project for a client, but skills are limited in present employees. This is when a staffing firm can really provide the best solution. Temp employees or contractors can be brought onboard to complete the project – a lot faster and better than if you tried to source for these types of workers alone.

#6 – Flexibility While Scaling

Along with having access to on-demand talent for short-term projects, consider that partnering with a staffing firm gives you the ability to scale up or down with changes to the industry. This is an important factor during peak seasons and growth cycles as well as when work is slower. Instead of hiring employees on and then having to go through the pitfalls of laying off a portion of them, you can simply work within a more flexible arrangement through the staffing agency.