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What Traits Do Employers Look for in IT Professionals?

Looking for an IT job and wondering how to set yourself apart from the competition? Chances are, tech professionals like you have similar skill sets, but you might be surprised at what abilities or traits might be harder to find.

Some of the most common tech skills that employers look for include:

  • Java/J2EE/Java Developer
  • C/C++/Objective C
  • Javascript/CSS/HTML
  • SQL/SQL Server/MSSQL
  • .Net/C#/ASP
  • SAP
  • Linux
  • Oracle
  • Ruby/Ruby On Rails
  • Python

Update your skills to keep up with current demand by taking classes, reading or teaching yourself. But there are soft skills that are rarer. If you possess them, you could be juggling offers from multiple employers.

Intellectual Curiosity

Programmers and other technical professionals need to constantly find solutions to problems. That means coming up with different ways of looking at things and finding creative ways to explore and solve challenges.

Critical Thinking Skills

Many people can look at a premise and react to it. But why not reject the premise entirely? Frequently mistakes are made when a given is accepted without challenge. The most creative technical people can strip a problem down to it’s’ bare bones and solve it more effectively.

Attention to Detail

Often in programming, a problem can be solved by seeing the tiny things that go unnoticed by most. In many jobs attention to detail is desirable, but in the tech field, it’s critical.


In technology, change is a constant. You must be able to adapt. What you learned in college just a couple of years ago could already be obsolete. If you are not willing to continually add to your knowledge base, you will soon find yourself obsolete as well.

Communication Skills

Frequently, people think of IT professionals as individual contributors – those who put their heads down and code with little thought to what goes on around them. But more and more frequently, technical specialists are expected to work as part of a team and communicate with a wide range of people and departments. Being able to translate difficult technical concepts to non-technical people is a job-winning skill.

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