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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear! Top Myths About Job Searching

Job searching is never easy and it’s made even worse by the presence of job-search myths. It seems there are many misconceptions about the process of finding a job and making a decent living. These are ideas passed from one person to the next, and in most cases they are false. Unfortunately, some people believe these lies, and it costs them good opportunities.

To help you avoid making the same mistake, here are some common myths about job searching that may make you laugh once you realize how ridiculous they are.

Myth #1 – Companies are only interested in new college graduates

While it’s true that some organizations make a concerted effort to attract and recruit a certain number of new college graduates, the vast majority of companies aren’t looking for entry-level staff who are fresh out of classes. In fact, companies often look for candidates with a broad range of skills, and those who have been working for a few years post-college for mid-level assignments that pay well.

Myth #2 – You must have a great resume to get a job anywhere

A well-written resume is important, along with a powerful cover letter. But, these documents alone won’t land you a job. What companies are looking for are candidates who are proactive about their careers through networking opportunities, community involvement, and referrals from peers. Stop hiding behind a resume and put your best foot forward to land a job.

Myth #3 – The only way to get a job is to fill out online applications

This myth springs up out of the idea that a lot of companies use web-based applicant tracking systems to find suitable employees. However, this is not the only way they hire good people. Recruiters are often at job fairs, at workforce agencies, engaging in social media groups, and at industry networking events coping out potential new hires. Be sure to fill out online applications, but then follow up in person by attending career-related events in your area.

Myth #4 – Staffing agencies only offers temp assignments

This is another one of those job search myths that prevent people from landing excellent careers. Some staffing agencies may place some people into temporary assignments, but they also offer contract and direct placement opportunities, too. Unless you get yourself registered to work through a specialized staffing agency, how will you know?

Myth #5 – Following up on applications is a waste of time for candidates

You may have heard the embarrassing stories of job seekers who have had doors slammed in their faces when they attempted to follow up after sending in an application for employment. It’s natural to be fearful of taking this bold step, but it’s important to establish yourself apart from other job seekers. Pick up the phone and call a few days after sending in your resume or application and give your best 30-second elevator pitch. This lets the hiring manager know how serious you are about working for them.

Myth #6 – No one will want to hire me (not enough experience or education, poor work history, etc.)

Everyone has something valuable to offer an employer, no matter if you are new to working, have been out of the workforce for a while, have a spotty work history, or lack experience and education. The key is being open to something new, and highlighting your skills, knowledge, and talent in any job interview. Don’t let a couple of requirements in a job description scare you off – just submit your application and let the recruiter decide if you are worth the risk. Very often, employers have on-the-job training that can bring you up to speed in no time at all.