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Five Common Mistakes Candidates Make When Applying for Jobs

Searching for a new job in Somerset, NJ and other regions around the state can be highly challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start looking. For the first-time job seeker or someone who has been off the job market for a while, it’s easy to make mistakes when applying for jobs, both online and offline. In order to help you find a great career opportunity, we would like to share advice for avoiding job application mistakes in the near future.

#1 – Relying on the resume upload feature too much

Job seekers often take for granted that with all the technology available today, an applicant tracking system ought to be able to upload a simple resume. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because no two resumes are ever designed the same way. During the upload, the application system can only try to match up the correct fields, but it’s still up to each candidate to carefully go through the form and make corrections.

#2 – Not filling out all the fields of the application

Another common mistake that job seekers make when applying for jobs is forgetting to make sure that all of the fields are filled out in their entirety. Why is this important? Recruiters need this information to make informed decisions about who to call for interviews. If you leave important details out, it can look like you are trying to hide something or lack attention to detail.

#3 – Sending an email resume but never filling out an application

Another mistake job seekers make is not filling out an application in the first place, instead just emailing their resume to an HR or other generic business email address. They may have heard this is the way to get in front of the hiring manager, but in fact it’s the exact opposite. All candidates need to follow directions well and fill out the required online application.

#4 – Poor grammar, spelling, and handwriting on an application

This can be a major pet peeve of many human resource and recruitment pros. Bad grammar, spelling, and even poor handwriting on a paper application is the sign of someone with either less than desirable communication skills or just carelessness. No one wants to hire someone like this, so make an effort to check for these things before submitting a subpar application.

#5 – Forgetting to save the job application

Spending all that time filling out a job application can be tiresome, especially if you have to send in multiple ones for jobs you want. But, the mistake you want to avoid is neglecting to hit the “save,” “submit,” or “send” button at the end. Make sure you complete the process and send your application to the hiring manager.

By avoiding these top five job application mistakes, you will be well on your way to getting called for an interview and landing a brand new job.