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Interview Follow-Up in a Digital World

Just wrapping up a job interview and want to ensure you are not forgotten by the hiring manager? A prompt and professional follow-up is in order. The good news is that we live in a digital world so there are many ways to follow up without being unprofessional. Here are some ways to follow up after a job interview using the best technology resources.

 First, write the thank you note

 Before you send an email to thank the person who interviewed you, consider that a handwritten thank-you note is still the more professional way to get the job done. In fact, you’ll want to pick up an inexpensive pack of thank-you cards and have a few handy after every interview. Just address it to the person you met with, include a short note thanking them for taking the time to consider you for the job and that you are eager to hear back from them soon. Drop in the nearest mailbox within 24 hours post-interview.

 Next, connect with the person on LinkedIn

 LinkedIn is all about making professional connections, and this can include following up after an interview. Take the time to find the person you interviewed with on LinkedIn, and then send a connection request. Then send a note to the person to let them know you are excited to hear back from them once they’ve thoroughly reviewed your qualifications for the job. But before you do this, make sure your profile is looking smart, you’ve added some recommendations, and you have a great looking online portfolio connected to this account.

 After a full week, send a quick email follow-up

 Give the interviewer some time to check your credentials and verify previous employment, a process that can take a week or more. Limit yourself to a once-per-week email follow-up with the person who interviewed you; even less if the person is the owner or CEO of the company because he or she has other important matters to contend with. The hiring manager, corporate recruiter or HR person will likely be the one following up with you, so be sure to CC this department too. Keep your message short, sweet, and polite.

 Pick up the phone

 While many people respond via digital connections, it’s also important to follow up on the phone at least once after an interview. You may have been instructed on what the next steps would be in the hiring process, so it’s acceptable to use this as a chance to check in. See if the interviewer has any further questions, needs more information, or is struggling to get your references to return their calls.  Be polite and respect the time of the recruiter.

 Things not to do after an interview

 The above tips are things that you can do after an interview, using both digital and traditional resources. But, you also want to avoid committing some post-interview “sins.” Do not send the person who interviewed you SMS text messages or messages on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, because these formats are not designed for professional networking. Do not complain, speak negatively, or name anyone at a particular company you have interviewed with on any online forum or social network – even if you had a terrible interview experience, keep it to yourself.

 Do not use digital resources to stalk or otherwise harass anyone you have interviewed with or the company HR person or employees at your targeted companies. There is a fine line between what is considered professional and what is construed as desperation, and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of that invisible line.

 A quick and professional follow-up is crucial to the post-interview process. The era in which we live provides plenty of opportunity to follow-up, however choosing an appropriate way is even more important. With these tips, you should be well on your way to professionally following up an interview. For assistance in finding the right job for you, contact one of our Synerfac recruiters today!