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Scientific Recruiters: How to Find a Great One

It’s really not that unusual for professionals in the scientific community to reach out to a recruiter for career support. Many scientific candidates work in highly specialized areas, therefore they can struggle with finding suitable employment in an area of their interest. However, a scientific candidate doesn’t want to work with just any recruiter. They deserve the best possible chance of landing the perfect job by working with a top scientific recruiter in the Philadelphia PA area.

Here’s how to narrow the list down to find a great scientific recruiter to support your career goals in Philadelphia.

Sign on with a scientific recruitment firm in your area

Your very first step is to seek out a quality recruitment firm in Philadelphia that works with scientific and other related technical professionals. Don’t simply head for any staffing firm, because you want to work with recruiters who have a strong background in this challenging industry and are connected to the right companies.

Interview scientific recruiters with a background in your field        

Once you’ve signed on with a scientific recruitment firm, you will want to interview potential recruiters who will be representing you with area science organizations. Make sure you find out if they understand the types of projects you like, the awards and recognition you’ve earned, and that they can really sell you to potential hiring companies.

Get networking with scientific recruiters on LinkedIn

Another source of great scientific recruiters is the community on LinkedIn, where you may be already connecting with others in your industry. See if the technical and scientific recruitment firm is there to join any career groups they have going too.

Express your search for a scientific recruiter in Philadelphia

While you are in the process of looking for a scientific recruiter and related projects to work on, you can also be communicating to others about your desire to get on board with a leading company in the Philadelphia area. Set your social profiles as “looking for work,” share insightful commentary and content, and approach your colleagues as someone looking for a new opportunity.

Connect with scientific peers who’ve worked with recruiters

When used properly, professional networks can be powerful sources of information about scientific recruiters you may want to work with. Ask around to see who others have worked with in the past and gather results. You may have a scientific recruiter already in your network you can reach out to.

By following the above tips, you’ll soon be on your way to a great scientific job in the greater Philadelphia area or beyond.  If you’re looking for additional career support, contact one of the scientific recruiters at Synerfac.