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The Unofficial Social Media Guide to Job Searching

It’s no secret: the social job search is here to stay. The use of social media to find a job is something that experienced candidates understand fairly well. However, with so much information floating around the Internet about how, when, and why to use social networking in a job search, it gets confusing. To clear up any myths about social job searches, please use these tips as a simple ‘unofficial’ social media guide to job searching.

 Create an outstanding social media presence

 Your social media job search efforts are only as good as your ability to make a positive impression with those who view your profiles. Use a professional photo if you can, and include a listing of your achievements and interests for a more powerful online presence.

 Choose the right social networks for your career

 Not all social networks are suitable for a job search in some industries. Consider where your peers are spending their time networking and head there. Use social networks found on the Internet as well as through local networks.

 Establish strategic connections on social networks

 It’s not about numbers when engaged in a social networking job search. Instead, it’s about the quality of the contacts you become familiar with. Make sure to follow leaders in your industry and field of interest.

 Communicate your career goals clearly

 While you are developing a strong social network profile, make sure you are also letting others know what your career goals are. Your job history may not suffice, especially if you have held different types of jobs in the past. Create a title for yourself, and add content that indicates where you are headed in your career.

 Join staffing agency and recruitment groups

 Once you become part of a Raleigh, NC staffing agency, feel free to join their social groups to get networked with the people and companies they know. Join online career and industry association groups for your choice of occupations.

 Research the companies you want to work for

 Not only is social networking a great way to promote yourself to hiring companies, it’s also beneficial for researching target companies. Dig deeper than the company websites to find out information about the leaders of companies, the jobs they have posted online, and the content they share.

 Use your connections to get referred to jobs

 Social networking your way to a new job takes time and patience, but if you get referrals from those who already work at and from recruiters who work with these companies, the effort pays off. At every opportunity, ask your social connections to refer you, and then follow up with a solid introduction.

 We hope you can use these guidelines as you venture into the world of social job searching. Connect with our social networks too for updates on new jobs in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding region.