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Interview Strategies – Stop Grilling and Start Discussing

The interview remains a vital part of successfully identifying whether or not a candidate will make a positive impact for your organization. All the resources your company expends during the hiring process, including the costs of onboarding, go for naught if the wrong hiring decision gets made. With that said, employers’ interviewing strategies are changing with the times.

Interviews that used to focus on grilling potential hires now are a time for meaningful discussion. Let’s find out how.

Open-Ended Lines of Questioning Lead to Valuable Discussions

It has been reported that over time, professionals are tiring of the interrogation format typical of many interviews. You stand a greater chance of discovering true insight into a candidate by framing questions in an open-ended manner with the hopes of triggering some quality discussion. This helps you, your hiring managers, and technical leads gain a better sense of what makes a candidate tick.

This approach works especially works well in a technical interview, where you can present a scenario to the candidate and have them detail their solution to the problem, while essentially treating that portion of the interview in an interactive, brainstorming manner. It offers your managerial staff a preview of what it would be like potentially working with that candidate on an actual project.

Follow Up Questions Enhance an Interview’s Interactivity

Even when engaging in the traditional question-and-answer portion of an interview, leverage follow-up questions to have the candidate go into more detail. If the candidate takes a similar tack when asking their own questions of your interview team, this is a good sign, highlighting the fact that they are thinking on their feet during the interview.

Ultimately, leveraging a more open-ended interactive interview style raises your chances of making a successful decision when the hiring process completes.

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