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Looking to Hire this Summer? Read This Guide to Get Started

The summer is heating up in Chicago, IL as well as other regions around the central United States. Now is the time to start planning for the hiring needs your company may have for the summer. During the summer, temporary and seasonal staffers can cover for regular employees who are taking time off for vacations, or for peaks in sales, and new projects and production.

Whatever the case may be for your company, here’s a helpful guide to getting started with summertime hiring.

Decide if you need contract, temporary or permanent workers

You may need them for a few days, a few weeks, or longer – now is the time to make this determination. In some cases, contractors can be used to cover certain project aspects, while in other situations, you may want to bring on direct hire employees whom you can integrate into long-term jobs.

Create clear job tasks and descriptions for summer employees

For your summer hires, you need to do some creative development of job types and descriptions. Include the specific tasks, responsibilities, goals, and requirements for your summer staff. These are generally different or more limited than standard job descriptions, so work with your HR team or staffing agency to develop them.

Develop a summer onboarding and training program

Summer employees are most useful when they can ramp up quickly to perform their intended tasks. Therefore, you need to set aside a training committee to onboard and train them for their work responsibilities. Schedule a summer hire orientation day, and assign each new hire a mentor on-site.

Set up a recruitment campaign on social media

It’s time to get candidates excited about coming to work for your company! Use your social networks and those of your staffing agency to get the word out. Share your corporate culture, and what you have to offer those looking for a great summer career experience.

Provide great perks and insurance for summer employees

To keep good people during the summer, you must offer above-average compensation, performance incentives, and of course, the required benefits and insurance for your staffers. Let temporary summer workers know you are looking to hire at least a percentage of those who demonstrate hard work and loyalty to the company.

Ready to start hiring some great people for this summer? Give our helpful staffing agents a call today and see how we can make this a smooth process for your business.

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