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Six Advantages to Accepting a Contract Tech Job

Sure, there are benefits to a permanent position in the IT industry; job security is definitely one of them. On the other hand, working on a temporary basis as a contract employee also makes sense depending on the situation. Here are six advantages to accepting a contract position in the information technology industry.

A Better Work-Life Balance

If your life outside of the office requires an inordinate amount of your attention, working on contract definitely gives you added flexibility. Maybe you are a musician who occasionally goes on tour or you simply enjoy traveling for fun? Whatever the reason, working as a temp gives you a better work-life balance.

Try out the Company First Before Accepting a Permanent Position

Temporary contracts allow you to “test drive” a company before considering a position as a full-time employee. They are a great way to see if the company’s culture makes a good fit for you without the added baggage of a permanent engagement.

Gain Tangible Experience in a New Skill

So you studied up on a new NoSQL database, but don’t feel comfortable accepting a permanent position where professional experience is required. A temporary contract allows you to gain practical experience in new technologies. This works nicely for giving your résumé an extra boost.

Build your Professional Network

Working a variety of contract engagements exposes you to many different managers and co-workers in your area. This allows you a chance to further develop your professional network. Be sure to connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn!

Exposure to Different Methodologies

If you’ve never worked on an Agile project or in a DevOps shop, a temporary contract gives you a chance to experience these newer project methodologies. Exposure to a variety of managerial styles and techniques definitely makes you a more well-rounded professional.

Enjoy a Higher Pay Rate

Depending on how badly a company needs a certain skill, chances are good you’ll be able to command a higher pay rate when working on a temporary project assignment. Once you’ve proved your abilities and knowledge, expect your hourly rate to increase. Maybe someday a company will offer you a huge yearly salary to get you to consider a permanent assignment over a contract.

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