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Is Your Hiring Team in Trouble? Here is How You Can Tell

Hiring teams are an integral part of any business because this group of professionals directly affects the quality of people chosen to work for the company. A hiring team can be highly effective for a while and then start to experience problems for a number of reasons. The good news is once you spot the problem, it’s possible to take the necessary steps to solve it. Here are some of the signs of a hiring team in need of change.

High turnover rates and poor quality candidates

Perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble is when newly hired employees start to leave the company. This is known as candidate churn, and it can affect any hiring team. To solve this problem, the recruiters must focus on quality of hire vs. quantity. This happens through more careful matching of skill sets with job types and more thorough screening of all candidates.

Bias about hiring certain types of candidates

Sometimes, without realizing it, hiring teams can start to become overly selective in the recruitment process. There may be a certain type of employee desired, but this should not be a biased approach in recruitment. All candidates need to be treated equally and matched to jobs that honor their skills and abilities, not other factors like gender, race, age, disability or veteran status, or other protected classes.

Lack of consistency in recruitment practices

In order to cut corners, hiring teams may get into the habit of skipping important steps in the recruitment process. This can lead to inconsistencies among the team when it comes to interviewing and background checks. Maintain a clear and consistent path to success with all recruitment activities.

Boring, canned interview questions

This is never a good idea because candidates are well versed in responding to canned interview questions and will sound good even if they aren’t a good fit for a job. Instead, turn to a candidate interviewing system that gives custom interview questions geared for specific types of jobs and tasks within the organization.

Poor recruitment metrics

Time to hire may be inconsistent, getting references from current employees may be dropping, and employee retention rates may be in shambles. Pay attention to these metrics and make changes to adjust things as a collective team of recruitment pros. Seek out the support of a recruitment agency like Synerfac if you need better results and candidates.

The sooner you address and correct the above signs of trouble in recruitment, the sooner you can secure the best employees for your company.

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