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Four Traits to Look for in Your Tech Recruiter

No matter where you currently reside in your technology career, a partnership with an IT recruiter remains a smart call. They help keep you up to date on the latest trends in the field — both in your location and within the industry as a whole. The best recruiters truly care about the clients they work for — the individual technology talent and the companies looking to hire them.

If you are searching for a top-notch technology recruiter for a partnership, here are four worthy traits to look for.

A Great Recruiter Needs to be Empathic

The best recruiters — in technology and other industries — enjoy a deep understanding of the needs of the companies in their area, as well as the desires of the individual candidate. This makes them able to match potential employees with organizations where they make a great fit, both technically and from a cultural standpoint. When meeting different recruiters, try to determine whether or not they have an empathic nature.

The Best Recruiters Truly Enjoy Networking

You can judge some technology recruiters by the size of their network. These professionals definitely offer you a greater chance of finding a top job at one of the leading technology firms in your location. Recruiters with large professional networks like working with people and will enjoy helping you and your career.

IT Recruiters Must Completely Understand Technology

Technology recruiters need to have a deep understanding of technology — one that goes beyond simply matching buzzwords between a résumé and a job listing. Make the effort to vet a recruiter’s technical understanding when you are searching for a staffing agency partner. This helps ensure you won’t be sent on an interview for a .NET programming position when you are primarily a Java developer.

Look for an Experienced Recruiter

Chances are good that an experienced technology recruiter already boasts the three previously mentioned traits. Someone who has worked in your area for at least five years, understands the market and has developed a large professional network makes a great choice for your career.

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