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STEM Career Path – Should You Always Be Looking?

How long have you worked in a science, engineering, or technical job? Have you begun to feel that your skills may be getting a little dated and you need a change? This is a common occurrence, particularly when technology and science are continually evolving. By the year 2020, just five years from now, old roles will be transformed into previously unheard of job titles. In the highly competitive STEM careers, it should be your mission to always be on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and take on challenging tasks.

Being proactive in your career can be the difference between rising to the top and becoming obsolete. Here are some ways to take the reins of your career in science, engineering, or technology.

Keep learning – In order to stay competitive in the STEM job market, it’s important to embrace learning as a lifelong goal. Proactively seek out on-the-job learning opportunities, participate in conferences, and take classes as often as your schedule allows. Read about new technology and processes, and them put them to work in your career.

Stay connected – Long-term career success comes down to the colleagues you meet and those that become part of your inner circle of influence. Make sure you are continually networking with your peers, using association and social networking connections. Follow the thought leaders in your area of interest, and participate in the conversation over industry topics.

Take on new projects – As you proactively seek out new opportunities, take on new projects to build your work portfolio and references. Try contract and temporary assignments when things are slow or you are in between jobs. They may turn out to be with leading companies seeking great people like you.

If you need support or more guidance about a career in science, engineering or technology, Synerfac can be a great place to start. Contact us today to learn how we can help you advance your career.