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A Five Minute Guide to Hiring .NET Developers

There’s no denying the significant impact to enterprise software development made by Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Since its introduction in 2001, .NET holds a status only exceeded by Java among corporate software engineers. If your company is a .NET shop, chances are pretty good you need to hire developers experienced in this technology on a regular basis.

With that strong possibility in mind, here is a quick five minute guide on hiring .NET programmers.

Leverage Keyword Searches to find .NET Developers Online

When searching online for .NET programming talent, make sure to sprinkle your search query with relevant search keywords. “.NET” is obvious, but other related terms, like LINQ, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and others also help to narrow down candidates based on your company’s specific needs.

From the other direction, be sure to use similar keywords when putting together your job listing so only qualified candidates contact your firm about any open positions.

Don’t forget LinkedIn as a Source for Candidates

As the preeminent social network for professionals, LinkedIn remains a great resource for finding qualified .NET software engineers. Make it a point to join any local LinkedIn Groups for .NET developers to get an idea for the top talent in your region. Additionally, keep an eye for local programmers clubs and social groups specific to the .NET Framework, as these are another great source for developers.

A Partnership with a Local Information Technology Staffing Agency Makes Sense

Ultimately, partnering with a local IT staffing agency in your area remains your best bet for finding qualified .NET programmers. The top staffing agencies fully vet their candidates before introducing them to their clients, so you can rest assured they will make a positive difference for your company soon after their first day of employment.

Staffing agencies also maintain a list of qualified candidates willing to work on either a permanent or temporary basis, giving your company additional flexibility in meeting its hiring needs. You can also try a candidate out on a temporary assignment before potentially extending them a full job offer.

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