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Three Common Questions in an Engineering Interview

Getting ready for an engineering job interview? This is a great opportunity because this area of employment is rebounding and there are new jobs to be found with leading companies. To get ready for the interview, you may already be trying to think of some of the interview questions you may be asked. As a general rule, engineering interviews will be focused around your technical knowledge and skills, but some will also be based on your work style and personality too.

Let us help you prepare to put your best foot forward with a rundown of the top three engineering job interview questions.

Question #1

“Describe the most difficult engineering project you have ever participated in and how you overcame the obstacles presented.”

All engineers are tasked with using their best analytical skills to accomplish their work. Therefore, the interviewer will be interested in learning how you deal with difficulties that come up, how you creatively solve problems, and how you work under pressure. Share a previous project you’ve been on, how you approached it, and what you did to get past the hurdles you faced.

Question #2

“Do you prefer to work autonomously or as part of a group?”

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s what’s called a “behavioral” interview question, so you must think beyond the simple answer. Consider that the interviewer is more interested in hearing about the why and how of working alone and with others. It’s always a good idea to include both options and explain under what circumstances you work better with a group and alone.

Question #3

“Where do you see yourself headed in your engineering career in the next five years, or in the future?

This is a tricky question. On one hand, you may see yourself in a different role than the one you are interviewing for; on the other, you are looking for stability in your career. Come up with an answer that shows you have put some thought into the direction your career may be headed based on industry changes and how you fit into the company’s objectives.

If you work on answering these and other common engineering interview questions, you should be able to land a new job in no time at all. Contact the recruiting team at Synerfac today for additional career advice and assistance in finding a great engineering job opportunity.