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Five Skills Possessed by Successful IT Professionals

Sure, technical ability plays a large role in your ultimate success in the IT industry, but other skills remain important. Most companies want well-rounded professionals, with a skill set transcending simply being the best software architect or network administrator. It is vital to take the steps to improve your soft skills if you hope to advance as far as possible in your career.

With your ultimate success in mind, here are five skills possessed by most top-notch technology professionals.

Strong Verbal Communication Ability is a Must

Exemplary communication skills are a definite requirement as today’s technology world is increasingly dominated by the Agile and DevOps methodologies. The days of the lone cowboy programmer typing away at a terminal are long gone. Teamwork and collaboration are key, and being able to speak clearly on complex topics to an audience of varying technical skills is vital.

Curiosity for New Technology

There’s no denying the technology world evolves on a constant basis. The best technology professionals remain curious about learning new programming languages, NoSQL databases and more. The day an IT pro stops learning new things is probably their retirement day.

The Multiple Facets of Leadership

The best IT professionals are leaders. This includes everything from serving as a team lead in a senior software engineer role, to actually working as a project manager on a large software development project or a migration to a hybrid Cloud system architecture. Being able to mentor newer tech workers early in your career to leading entire departments later on as a senior professional are examples of showing good leadership.

A Deep Understanding of Business Principles

Technology doesn’t necessarily drive business; in fact, the opposite is generally true. Because of this, IT workers need to develop a full understanding of the underlying business of their employer. This involves everything from analyzing your organization’s competition to the financial implications of a large investment in a state of the art technology initiative.

Cultivate a Passion for Your Career

No matter the industry, a passion for your work is a key indicator of your ultimate success. Being excited to go into work every day is especially important when working in technology. Don’t ever let your work become dull or boring, and a rewarding career is yours to be enjoyed.

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