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4 Tips to Help You Find a Great Technology Recruiter

Getting a job in technology can be a long and challenging road, particularly if you are just starting out. One of the smartest options for a technology professional is to get on the radar of a leading technology recruiter. Why? This is someone who has a large network of tech companies in his or her back pocket, and is looking for great candidates to place in contract and full-time positions. The sooner you connect with a recruiter like this, the better.

How can you go about finding a great technology recruiter in Fort Lauderdale? Here are some methods that will land you the best work opportunities in no time at all.

  1. Get connected on social networks and tech groups. Today, getting in front of the best technology recruiters isn’t just a matter of putting some fancy keywords on your resume. It’s about relationship building. Work your networks to connect with highly rated recruiters and influencers in the tech world. Join groups and start sharing and interacting with others there to attract the right recruiters.
  2. Find out who actively recruits for your target companies. When reaching out to companies you want to work for, inquire as to any third-party recruitment firms or independent recruiters they may work with. Find out from your networks if they’ve gone through a particular recruiter or agency to get hired on with their companies. If you are looking for contractor work, you may also need to find out if there is an agency handling this placement.
  3. Leverage industry events and job fairs. As soon and as often as you can, attend low-cost and free industry events and job fairs that are related to technology. There are a number of events that happen every year in this area, and you can pick up the contact information of many tech recruiters there. Bring your resume and work the booths to learn about career opportunities with the companies represented there.
  4. Work with a technical recruitment firm that’s dedicated to your success. There is a big difference between a tech recruiter who’s genuinely interested in your career success, and one who is just looking for a quick placement and commission. If a recruiter takes the time to dig into your work history, find out what you really want, and gives you assessments to take, this is a sign that you have found a good recruiter. A technical recruitment form like this is worth the effort, so go with it.

Use the above tips to find a great technical recruiter in your area of interest and you can go far in your career. If you are looking for technology job opportunity, contact the recruiting experts at Synerfac. We look forward to hearing from you!