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Five Tips for Implementing a New Company Policy

New corporate policies and directives remain an important part of ensuring your company successfully navigates the twists and turns of the modern business world. The most nimble — and successful — organizations implement new policies and procedures with nary a hiccup in their day-to-day operations.

Here are five tips for implementing a new company policy, with the hope your team rolls with the changes while keeping productivity at its maximum.

A Clearly Defined, Well-Written Policy is a Must

This helps your staff fully understand what is required of them, in addition to how the new procedures may affect their daily work routine. Deliver the new policy by email, while also keeping it available for reference on your intranet or SharePoint site — also update your employee handbook if relevant to that document.

Ensure Employees Acknowledge They Received the Policy

When notifying your staff of the new policy, have them email you (or leverage another notification system) to acknowledge they received, read, and understand what the change entails. This also provides a good mechanism for answering private questions on the policy from employees.

Cover the Policy Changes in a Company Meeting

This will help to cement its importance. A public meeting also offers a chance for some quality discussion about the reason for the change and practical ideas on its implementation.

Managers and Executives Need to Show Support for New Policy

Management must practice what they preach. This really comes into play regarding any policies for using the company network for streaming videos or other content. For example, if your IT staff notices a manager has been watching cricket matches by looking at the network logs, expect that news to spread.

Review the Efficacy of the Policy Change After a Few Months

Take note of any feedback received from your staff over this time and make any changes to the policy as necessary.

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