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Struggling to Recruit Top Talent? Here’s How to Overcome It

As the economy continues to slowly recover from the Great Recession, it is becoming more difficult to find the best new employees able to contribute to your company’s overall success. This competition for top talent remains especially fierce in the world of technology, which is usually less affected by downturns in the economy.

The bottom line is simple: Your organization needs great workers to succeed, and if you are struggling to recruit the best talent, things need to change. With that in mind, here are some ideas to find and employ the best and brightest candidates in technology.

Raise Your Company’s Online Profile

With the efficacy of job fairs coming into question over the last few years, consider holding a virtual version to boost your profile to today’s savvy technology workers. This way, your firm gets a similar result without the costs of a presence at a job fair.

Your online job fair can include videos (both live and prerecorded) describing what it’s like to work for your firm and examples of some of the company’s most interesting project work. Have recruiters hold one-on-one chat sessions during the event, so any interested candidates can get their questions answered. Highlight your company’s office culture during the event to find potential employees who feel they’ll make a good fit.

In addition to online job fairs, make sure your company’s website, Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn presence stay up to date with timely posts. This also gives you a great platform for publicizing any other virtual hiring events. Failure to keep your online presence fresh gives the wrong impression to younger candidates.

Don’t forget a Partnership with a Leading Technical Staffing Agency

Ultimately, a close relationship with a leading technology staffing agency might be your best bet for recruiting top talent. The best agencies thoroughly vet their candidates, so your firm can rest assured you are only interviewing superior potential employees. Working closely with an agency over time means they understand your company’s culture and hiring needs, so they won’t waste your time with someone who won’t fit in.

When searching for a great scientific and technical staffing agency as a partner, look no further than Synerfac. As one of the leading technology staffing agencies in the Eastern United States — everywhere from Langhorne, PA to New York City — we offer top-notch candidates able to hit the ground running on their first day with your company. Make it a point to meet with us at your earliest convenience.