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10 Minute Guide to Prepping for a Job Interview

You recently earned a job interview with a top technology company in your city. While you only have one chance to make a first impression is considered to be a cliché by some, there’s no denying your chances at getting called back for a second interview and ultimately a job offer are nil if you fail to shine when first meeting face to face with a potential employer. Proper preparation is a must when interviewing for a job.

With a successful first impression in mind, here is a 10-minute guide to help you prepare for a technology job interview.

Study your Résumé in Detail

You need to keep all the information in your résumé, especially your work history, skills, abilities, and educational background at the forefront of your mind. Expect to be grilled on any milestones within your professional history, as companies want to hear tangible evidence you’ll make a positive impact on their firm from day one. Even if you are fresh out of school, anticipate questions on any internships or part-time jobs you held over the past few years.

Research the Company with Whom You Are Interviewing

It is a smart idea to spend an hour or two researching the company in question the night before your interview. Pay close attention to their executive team, press releases about any current projects, and the types of technologies in use at the firm. You will get the chance to ask a question or two during the interview, and showing that you did your homework makes a great impression on the interviewer.

Dress for Success

Make sure you are dressed professionally for the interview. Even if the company culture trends towards the casual, you want to err on the side of caution. Take extra care on accessories and your personal hygiene the morning of the interview.

Display a Confident Demeanor

It is important to give off a confident air throughout the interview, beginning with a firm handshake and look in the eye when being introduced. Speak clearly while making natural eye contact and listen attentively when the interviewer is talking. If you studied your own résumé as well as information about the company in question, this should lead to detailed and natural conversations on a variety of topics — a good omen for your chances at a job offer!

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