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Seven Deadly Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your Résumé

Your résumé plays a vital role in your job search efforts. Given that most hiring managers deal with potentially hundreds of candidates for any open position — especially in the tech industry — it’s important that you stand out from the pack. So take the steps to ensure your résumé sufficiently highlights your skills and tangible work experience, while avoiding any blunders that may kill your candidacy before it starts.

Let’s take a look a seven crucial résumé mistakes that are deadly for your chances of getting a dream technology job.

Never Lie or Exaggerate

If you lie about your educational or work background, or even your technical abilities, expect a hiring manager to find out. Candidate background checks are commonplace in the industry, so even if you make it to a final interview, eventually your lies will be discovered. Don’t risk it!

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Be sure to closely proofread your résumé; don’t trust the spell and grammar checkers in your word processor. Have a friend with excellent English skills also proofread both your CV and cover letter too.

Too Much Information

Considering that HR staff regularly peruse hundreds of candidates for an available job, they spend around a minute or two per candidate. Don’t overload them with a three-page or longer résumé. One to two pages for most experienced workers should suffice.

Failing to Show Quantifiable Work Achievements

Hiring managers want to see the positive difference you’ll make for their firm. You must include quantifiable and tangible evidence of your accomplishments throughout your work history. This means using numbers and percentages!

Going Crazy With Graphic Design Choices

Keep your résumé layout clear and simple. Don’t use multiple fonts or a variety of graphic elements. Some tasteful bolding for section headings is all that is necessary.

Including Salary Information

Save any salary information for the interview. This confidential information doesn’t belong on your résumé or even a cover letter.

An Unprofessional Email Address

Make sure you obtain a professional email address before starting your job search. Listing something like rockstar@gmail.com with your contact information tends to turn off hiring managers.

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