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Top Tips That Will Help You Propel Your Tech Career Forward

No matter where you stand in your technology career, it is important to keep developing your existing skills while learning new abilities. The world of IT constantly changes, and it is easy to get left behind by allowing your skill set to become obsolete. Each year, a fresh set of tech graduates enters the field, making the job hunt a more competitive process.

With a long-lasting successful technology career in mind, here are a few good ideas to help you achieve that goal.

Spend a Few Hours Each Week Researching and Learning New Technologies

Many leading tech companies encourage their employees to spend 3-4 hours of company time every week researching and experimenting with new technologies and ideas. Even if your employer doesn’t provide this perk, you should do the same thing on your own time. If you are a software engineer, master a new programming language; if you work as a DBA, explore the latest NoSQL databases — or vice-versa!

It is absolutely vital to keep learning if you are a technology professional!

Earn an Advanced Degree

If you hope to move into management or even the executive suite in your career, earning an advanced degree definitely puts you on the right path. A master’s in your technical discipline complements your professional experience while positioning yourself for additional responsibility. Acquiring your MBA offers you the opportunity to develop the business and marketing aspects of a technical innovation.

If your organization offers tuition reimbursement as a benefit, leverage this perk to further both your education and your career.

Hone Your Writing Skills and Make Yourself an Industry Thought Leader

If you enjoy writing, consider authoring a variety of articles and blog posts related to your work. Maybe your company publishes its own blog; if not, encourage your superiors to allow you to set one up on the company website. Regularly publish interesting articles, while publicizing them in social media, especially LinkedIn, which also serves as an outlet for your writing if your company isn’t interested in its own blog.

You gain the additional writing experience, while your company enjoys additional publicity from the blog. Your writing work helps to grow your professional network and can ultimately earn you the status of a thought leader in your industry.

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