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How to Re-engineer Your Interview Follow-Up

Standing out in a crowded field of candidates all hoping to earn a job offer from a top technology company remains a challenge. Sure, your professional experience and technical abilities play an important role in any organization’s final hiring decision, but when different candidates share similar résumés and professional backgrounds, the offer ultimately goes to someone who made a positive impression in another way.

The interview follow-up provides you a chance at making a good second impression with a prospective employer. Here are some follow-up tips worth considering to improve your chances at getting a job offer.

Take Good Notes During the Interview

Composing a thank-you note to your interviewers becomes a difficult process if you don’t remember their names or some of the topics discussed during the interview. Be sure to take detailed notes when not answering questions. Collect business cards from everyone present at the interview.

This helps ensure you are able to compose a thoughtful follow-up note and either copy everyone present at the interview or — better yet — compose separate personalized follow-up emails. The latter is a great way to show you put in the extra effort when necessary.

Don’t Pester the Interviewers

While following up after an interview is important, be sure to not go overboard, especially when asking if they’ve made a final decision. Find out about the company’s hiring timeline in your initial follow-up (or at the end of the interview itself), and respect the process.

Send Follow-Ups for Phone Screens

Even if your “interview” was a quick phone screen, sending a follow-up note is a good idea. It is always professional to offer thanks for anyone taking the time to talk with you. Tell them you look forward to your next opportunity to chat, as it keeps your candidacy in their mind when they choose who to bring in for a face-to-face interview.

If the company doesn’t reply to your queries after their hiring timeline has passed, it is best to simply move on instead of continuing to send additional emails. It is vital to keep a professional air at all times, especially if you didn’t get the job.

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