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Five Benefits of Utilizing Contract Staffing

When you are trying to keep your technical organization at optimal efficiency, rightsizing staffing levels plays a big role in your ultimate success. Sure, full-time employees remain the most important part of any company’s workforce, but it is important to not forget the positive impact of contract workers. In many cases, strategic use of these temporary employees gives a vital boost at the right time.

With building a top-notch technology team in mind, here are five benefits of contract staffing to help your company achieve that goal.

Try Tech Talent Before You Buy

Leveraging temporary contract workers gives your company an excellent chance to see if someone’s abilities are up to snuff before potentially extending them a permanent offer. This way you ensure a new worker makes a good technical — and cultural — fit without incurring the costs of the onboarding process. Hiring mistakes cause an adverse impact to any company’s bottom line!

Quickly Close a Skills Gap

If your staff is working on a project using a technology unfamiliar to the team members, bringing a contract worker well versed in that skill is a smart call. This way, the project gets completed on time, while your permanent employees benefit from exposure to someone with the right experience.

Additional Staffing Flexibility for Lean Times

Being overstaffed during relatively lean times hampers any organization’s overall profitability. The smart use of contract workers mixed in with your permanent staff helps to ensure you company maintains proper staffing levels whether or not you are currently busy.

Less Paperwork for Your HR Team

A steady diet of contract workers helps keep your company’s human resources staff from becoming overworked. Onboarding permanent employees means a lot of paperwork for any HR team — insurance, tax documents, etc. The same is true if an employee needs to be terminated. Using temporary employees makes things easier for your HR team.

Your Company Saves Money

Even if the hourly rate for a temporary tech workers is higher than that of a permanent employee, your company still saves money over the long run. Social Security and Medicare taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as the cost of onboarding permanent hires are all significant expenses for your firm. Contract workers come without those additional financial requirements.

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