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Five Things Your IT Résumé Should Say About You

Whether on paper or in digital format, your résumé remains an important part of any job search, and it is especially vital in the Information Technology industry. Even in a recovering economy, the fierce competition for the best jobs means hiring managers deal with upwards of a hundred candidates or more for an open position. Your candidacy depends on a CV that clearly illustrates your skills and experiences — remember a hiring manager takes barely more than a minute for a first perusal.

With a successful job hunt in mind, here are five things your IT résumé needs to say about you.

A Technical Skills Listing Is a Must

Put a bullet point list of your professional technology skills towards the top of the résumé. The gives the person reviewing it the opportunity to see if your technical abilities match the needs of their open position. Remember, given the minimal amount of time spent on a first look at résumés, you need to make things easier for the hiring manager.

Examples of Your Tangible Professional Experience

A company wants to know you’ll make a positive impact on their bottom line before deciding to interview you. The professional experience section of your résumé needs to contain tangible examples of the difference you made for prior employers. Be sure to include facts and figures!

Your Understanding of the Company’s Needs

Make the effort to personalize your résumé for each open position, especially if it’s a great job with a well-respected company. This illustrates how well you understand their needs, while offering a hint at your future performance if hired. The best technology companies are looking for someone with more than a standard technical skill set.

Stating Your Career Goals Helps determine a Match for the Future

Explicitly stating the goals for your career, or implying them within the professional experience section of your CV helps to give a hiring manager a good idea of whether or not you’ll be a good fit for their business moving forward. Companies want to know you’ll be in it for the long haul when they extend a job offer.

Include Any Relevant Achievements and Awards

Don’t forget to list any achievements or awards you’ve earned during your career; include them in your educational history if they are especially notable. These do a nice job of highlighting your qualities as a top notch technical professional and person.

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