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Could Open Source Projects Boost Your Résumé?

In the competitive world of Information Technology, it is important to stand out from the pack when it comes time to look for a new job. The top tech companies typically receive résumés from upwards of a hundred candidates or more for any open position. Even getting noticed by a hiring manager in this environment becomes a challenge.

One great way to boost your chances at a great job while learning potentially new skills is to volunteer to work on an open source project. In addition to enhancing your résumé, open source projects help to grow your professional network — another plus when embarking on a job search. Let’s take a closer look.

A Great Way to Display your Skills in Public

Getting involved in an open source software project gives you a great opportunity to display your skills in public. If you are currently learning a new language or database platform — ones not in use at your current employer — you are able to gain tangible experience on this kind of project. You never know: A potential new employer may be watching the progress of your team.

Additionally, if you are hoping to move into a project manager or lead developer role, open source work offers you the chance to serve in that capacity if those opportunities don’t exist at your current position. In either case, your technical résumé benefits from this practical experience.

Companies leveraging open source technologies and looking for talent keep their eyes trained on public-facing volunteer technology projects, and so do recruiters hoping to place candidates at these firms. In short, open source projects help to get you noticed. Many organizations also want employees who freely give their own time to volunteer projects.

Grow Your Professional Network

Your work on open source projects enhances the experience and skills sections of your résumé while also growing your professional network. You will be exposed to other talented developers both in your local region and potentially all over the world. If you are ever interested in working in another part of the country, you may already know someone in that area from a previous volunteer project.

The bottom line is simple. Any extra time spent working on open source projects provides an immeasurable boost to your career. Volunteer today!

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